1. Once you have successfully created your file space it is time to initialize it with your cloud storage vendor credentials. You will require our operating system client installed: please see here for Windows, macOS and Linux client installation instructions - once installed, select "Initialize" on your file space to begin.

2. Provide the client your cloud storage provider credentials. Please click here for assistance in finding your access key and secret keys.

3. Enter a file space shared secret. You will require this shared secret to connect to your file space, please keep it in a safe place, if you lose your shared secret you will not be able to connect to your file space and access your data - your data will be encrypted and cannot be accessed without your shared secret.

4. Congratulations! Your file space is now initialized. In the unlikely event something didn't go according to plan, please do not hesitate to create a new support ticket.

If you wish to specify additional options you can initialize manually with our command line, please consult our Command line file space initialization FAQ for guidance.