Multiple file spaces can be mounted at the same time through the command line by specifying --instance id. 

Please review the Link file space from the command line for an overview of linking file spaces through the operating system client and the OS CLI.

1. Launch Lucid daemon/service in interactive mode with a unique instance identifier (ID)  

Lucid --instance <id> daemon

2. Link Lucid client with instance id

Lucid --instance <id> link --fs <filespace.domain> --password <secret> --mount-point <mount> 

Note: <mount> can be folder path or drive letter

Example (Windows): 

launch CMD.EXE

start Lucid --instance 1 daemon 

Lucid --instance 1 link --fs <filespace.domain> --password <secret> --mount-point L:

Example (Linux): 

lucid --instance 1 daemon & sleep 5 ; lucid --instance 1 link --fs <filespace.domain> --password <secret> --mount-point ~/Lucid