Multiple Filespaces can be mounted at the same time through the command line by specifying --instance id. 

Please review the Link Filespace from the command line for an overview of linking Filespaces through the operating system client and the OS CLI.

1. Launch Lucid daemon/service in interactive mode with a unique instance identifier (ID)  

Lucid --instance <id> daemon

2. Link Lucid client with instance id

Lucid --instance <id> link --fs <filespace.domain> --password <secret> --mount-point <mount> 

Note: <mount> can be folder path or drive letter

Example (Windows):

launch CMD.EXE
start Lucid --instance 1 daemon 
Lucid --instance 1 link --fs <filespace.domain> --password <secret> --mount-point L:

Example (Linux):

lucid --instance 1 daemon & sleep 5 ; lucid --instance 1 link --fs <filespace.domain> --password <secret> --mount-point ~/Lucid