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The remote upload indicator allows users to easily see if other users connected to the same Filespace are still uploading file data changes to the object storage. This is applicable to all modified as well as newly created files.

This functionality is very useful when users need to know if the file is ready to be used in its entirety and no other user is modifying the file at this moment.

Another use case might be workflows with applications that do not natively support locking. In this case the remote upload indicator can significantly reduce conflicts among multiple users working with the same files.


Prerequisites and Compatibility

  • LucidLink Client version 2.1.4246 or above is required.
  • LucidLink 2.0 Filespace or above required.
  • macOS Finder extension support.
  • Windows File Explorer support.


1. User A and User B are both connected to the same Filespace.

2. User A copies a file to the Filespace. In the background, the LucidLink Client starts uploading the file to the cloud. Depending on file size, connectivity and other factors this upload could take some time to complete. The "Remaining upload" indicator in the dashboard shows the remaining data to be uploaded to the cloud.


3. While user A is uploading, user B, using another machine will see the remaining upload indicator icon. The icon will be visible for all files that are still actively uploaded (modified) by user A.




4. When user A "Remaining upload" is 0 bytes, hence all the changes are uploaded to the cloud, the remaining upload icon indicator will be removed for user B and for all other users connected to the Filespace.


Finder / File Explorer overlay icon integration

Remote upload indicator overlay icons in different states - blue (remote upload), orange (remote upload "stuck" or upload too slow). See the configuration setting below to set the threshold beyond which a remote upload is considered "stuck".

Note: In a distributed environment there might be a lot of reasons for interrupted upload activity. Some examples include internet connectivity problems, a closed laptop before the upload is finished, system crashes, etc.






Useful for third-party integrations and automated workflow setups.



The --Filestore.StuckStateInterval setting defines the upload inactivity period after which a remote upload is considered "stuck" and the orange overlay icon is shown in Finder and Windows File Explorer. This is a --global only setting.


% lucid config --explain --FileStore.StuckStateInterval

Key:               FileStore.StuckStateInterval
Description:       The Stuck State Interval represents the length of time
that has elapsed since the last known activity observed for that
unique upload. Once this interval has been reached, the visible
icon indicating an upload is in progress will change to indicate
that there is a problem with that upload.
Default value is 7200 seconds (2 hours).
Value constraints: Min 1 second. Max 2,592,000 seconds (30 days).
Default value:     7200

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