Release notes for build #1520, release October 11, 2018

Build 1.12.1520


New Features:

  • New non-required options on the LucidHub daemon command: LucidHub --fs <fs> daemon [--data-limit <GiB>] [--entries-limit <Entries>]

--data-limit <GiB> sets the file space data limit;

--entries-limit <Entries> sets the file space entries (all files, dirs and symlinks combined) limit.

Note: the limits are persisted, so the new options can be omitted on hub restart.

  • Add MacOS Mojave support.


Bug fixes:

  • Lucid client crash during full sync.
  • Use partial iterator in the data GC statistics.
  • Use smaller number of S3 threads in LucidHub.
  • Validate TCP messages header.

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