Release notes for build #1570, release November 21, 2018

Build 1.12.1570 


New Features:

  • New log level Notice, used for informational messages with higher priority.
  • App no longer shows "You are connected" screen when "Stay connected" is checked.
  • OSX: App no longer adds icon in the dock.
  • The write-back cache can now flush requested files with priority (no UI integration).
  • Metadata backup no longer pre-allocates the backup file and the success/fail files are now in the backup directory, instead of the Lucid's root directory.
  • Metadata backup script improvements:

         -New logging system:


         -log levels;

         -persistence of the periodic run in ~/.lucidhub_backup/<fs-name>/backup.log;

         -log rotation: 10 files, 10 MiB each.

         -Increased backup request timeout;

         -Improved behavior on request timeout;

         -Additional improvements.

  • Lucid and third-party libs rebuilt with VS 2017 15.8 on Windows.
  • Reserve 10% of the block cache for reads only.


Bug fixes:

  • Lucid client issue during full sync - use smaller LMDB transactions to prevent MDB_TNX_FULL.
  • Windows: Remove flickering of the Lucid console on startup.
  • Running clients connected to hub will now reconnect automatically without restart if the hub host address changes.
  • Stop flooding the logs with useless exceptions on network connection loss.
  • The cache now uses unbuffered I/O to access the cache file. This improves performance and prevents potential data-loss in the edge case when the Lucid client is terminated abruptly just after a small piece of data (less than 4KiB) was written.
  • Crash on stop - a timing issue in the destructor of the actor system.

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