Release notes for build #1690, release February 4, 2019

Build 1.14.1690 


New Features:

  • Snapshot Support:

- Support for instant snapshot creation of the entire Filespace. Available for new and existing Filespaces. (On-premises deployments require a LucidHub version of v1.14.1690 or higher).

- Instant access to all snapshots of a LucidLink Filespace, mounted as a read-only file system via the LucidLink Client.

- Snapshot creation, labelling and overall management is supported via the LucidLink CLI. Refer to `lucid help snapshot` and `lucid help activate` for more information.

- Snapshot support is included in the base pricing.


Client Enhancements:

  • Limits to free Filespaces that are LucidLink provisioned are now shown in the LucidLink Client (max 20 GiB or 50K files).
  • [macOS] Ability to search within Filespaces directly from the Finder. Search through Spotlight is not available.


Bug Fixes:


  • Memory leak fixed relating to an edge-case that involves cache inactivity.
  • [Windows] Parallel reads from the same file are no longer serialized.
  • [Windows] Upgrades no longer require a restart if there are no kernel driver changes.

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