Release notes for build #1891, release June 20, 2019

Build 1.17.1891 


Snapshot schedules support:

  • New CLI command available - `lucid help snapshot-schedule`.
  • Available for Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Available for new and existing filespaces.
  • On-prem setups need to upgrade hubs and Lucid app to version 1.17.1891 to use snapshot schedules.
  • Snapshot schedules functionality requires root privileges.
  • Can create any number of snapshot schedules per filespace


Client enhancements:

  • "Ask me later" button added when user is prompted to upgrade Lucid App. This will make Lucid App ignore any upgrades for the next two weeks regardless if new versions are released.
  • "Check for updates" menu option now available in Lucid App. On demand check if new updates are available.
  • Lucid CLI commands will now return non zero return codes on error.


Bug fixes:

  • [Windows] Fixed a bug where non-root users get unexpected behavior when using NTFS permissions on Lucid nested shares.
  • [Windows] Fixed a bug where using specific NTFS permissions on a folder may prevent the users from creating new files and folders.
  • Fixed a bug where sharing a folder could lead to bad folder names or IO errors.
  • Improved performance when a Lucid client receives a burst of update notifications for file changes.

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