Release notes for build #2330, release April 3, 2020

Build 1.23.2330


  • Added ability to set download and upload rate limits to the object store per filespace. Refer to new config options: ObjectScheduler.MaxDownloadRate, ObjectScheduler.MaxUploadRate.
  • Added comprehensive metrics to troubleshoot filespace performance. Refer to the `lucid perf` command.
  • Added command `lucid latency` - used to easily examine latencies to object store providers.
  • Added object store latency alerts. Refer to new config options: ObjectScheduler.putLatencyLowAlert, ObjectScheduler.putLatencyMediumAlert, ObjectScheduler.putLatencyHighAlert.
  • Added a clear error message when required Lucid port is already taken.

    Bug fixes:
  • [CRITICAL] Fixed a rare case where file index synchronization gets stuck irreversibly.
  • [CRITICAL] Fixed a rare case where using an antivirus software while Lucid is under heavy load could lead to a data corruption.
  • [CRITICAL, macOS Catalina] Fixed an issue where it is not possible to save files when using Safari, MS Office etc.
  • Fixed potential crash during file index sync - could happen only when the Lucid client was offline for several days and there are connectivity issues.
  • [Windows] Improved product stability and user experience when working with specific file locking aware software (AutoCAD, MS Office, etc.) during connectivity issues.
  • [Windows] Fixed an issue where Lucid installation hangs if ByteFence is installed.
  • [macOS] Fixed LucidLink mount point icon.
  • Fixed a bug where "Known service version" reported by `lucid status` might be outdated.
  • Miscellaneous wording improvements in the CLI manual.

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