Release notes for build #2347, release April 21, 2020

  • Updated

Build 1.23.2347



  • Added new in-memory cache that improves write speeds up to x1.5 times and read speed up to x6 times. Improvements vary based on platform and applications used. For more see `lucid config --explain --FileStore.MemCacheSize`.
  • Standard macOS users are now able to use Lucid search functionality.
  • `lucid cache --info` now outputs "remaining upload" bytes. Useful when there is no Lucid UI - running as a Windows service or in Linux/macOS server environments.
  • Optimized LucidApp to make fewer requests to the Lucid service.


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where lucid perf objectstore metrics for totalGetBytes, totalPutBytes and totalListEntries are wrongly calculated.
  • Fixed a bug where snapshot id was trimmed in the CLI and was not able to reference and activate specific snapshots.
  • [Windows] Fixed a bug where Lucid crashes when attempting to link when the network adapter is down.
  • Removed distance calculator in Lucid UI as it was misleading.

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