Release notes for build #2385, release May 12, 2020

  • Updated

Build 1.23.2385



  • Enhanced Lucid app to show file index synchronization indicator for snapshots.

  • Enhanced `lucid perf` output and improved CLI manual.


Bug fixes:

  • [CRITICAL] Fixed a bug where a Lucid or system crash may lead to permanently disabled Lucid cache. Drastically impacts performance.

  • [CRITICAL] Fixed a rare bug where Lucid file index synchronization can be permanently broken.

  • [CRITICAL] [Linux] Fixed issues where Lucid cannot mount on newer Linux distributions.

  • [CRITICAL] [openSUSE] Fixed a bug where Lucid cannot connect to an S3 object store due to missing certificates.

  • [CRITICAL] [Linux] Fixed a bug where Lucid requires Linux root privileges to run.

  • [CRITICAL] [Linux, macOS] Fixed a rare bug where bad attribute value could lead to inability to browse the filespace.

  • [CRITICAL] Fixed a bug where deleting a file from one client while still writing to the same file from another client may lead to permanently “stuck” cache.

  • Fixed a bug where Lucid cache may become unusable in case of local disk failures.

  • [Windows] Fixed a bug where Lucid may fail to connect to a filespace right after a system reboot when running as a windows service.

  • Fixed a bug where the prefetcher does not work for sparse files. Impacts performance.

  • Fixed a bug where Lucid.log gets flooded with log entries when blob store connection is lost for Azure filespaces.

  • Fixed a bug where `lucid latency` measures object store connection latency in a wrong way.

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