Release notes for build #2434, release June 5, 2020

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Build 1.24.2434


Configurable mount points:

  • All currently configured mount points for existing filespaces (e.g. using auto connect option, or windows services) will be preserved.

  • Each filespace can now be configured with a custom OS-specific mount point (see `lucid config`) - currently configurable through CLI only. Upcoming UI configuration capabilities:



  • Filespace administrators can set a default mount point per filespace for all users by using the `lucid config --global` flag. Note that users can overwrite the setting for their machine.

  • All new filespaces initialized with Lucid version 1.24.2434 onward, will have new default OS  specific mount points:

               - Windows - L:\  - when no explicit mount point is configured and drive letter is taken, Lucid will attempt to mount to the next free drive letter.

               - macOS - /Volumes/FILESPACE_NAME

               - Linux - /media/FILESPACE_NAME

  • [Windows][experimental] Network share support (e.g. “\\server\lucid”)

  • `lucid link` CLI command now has a “--no-mount” option.

  • If the filespace mount point is configured incorrectly, LucidApp will still link to the filespace but will show “Filespace not mounted” error. The `lucid mount` CLI command should be used to overwrite the wrong mount point. No filespace disconnect is required.


[Windows] New LucidFS driver:

  • [Critical] Fixed a memory leak in a 3rd party library, which in rare cases may lead to a blue screen.

  • Added support for Adobe Lightroom.

  • One-time Windows reboot will be required upon upgrade to this version.


Object store connection quality UI indicator:  

  • Object store connection quality shown via the tray icon and in the dashboard:

            - Excellent connection - all is ok

            - Good connection - indicative of low latency issues

            - Fair connection - indicative of medium latency issues

            - Poor connection - indicative of severe latency issues

            - Disconnected - no connection to the object store


The indicator signals latency issues that affect consuming data from the object store (e.g. watching videos, real time editing or other active workloads).

  • Unfinished uploads shown via the tray icon.


Other improvements:

  • [Windows] Order of magnitude improvement of global file locking performance. Note that all clients that need to use locking should upgrade to this version or later.

  • LucidApp shows a confirmation dialog before disconnecting from a filespace.

  • LucidApp shows a warning dialog if attempting a disconnect before all data is uploaded in the object store (“Remaining upload” > 0B).

  • [Windows] Disabled \System Volume Information\ folder to avoid conflicts with multiple users.

  • Optimized the default output metrics of the `lucid perf` command.


Bug fixes:

  • [CRITICAL] Improved crash resilience to possible metadata corruption after system reboots or power outages.

  • [Windows] Fixed a bug where Windows installer would uninstall the lucid service. This upgrade will uninstall the service one last time.

  • Fixed a bug where username and shares were truncated in the CLI output.

  • Critical filespace configuration settings can now be modified only by the root user.

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