Release notes for build #2481, release July 2, 2020

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Build 1.24.2481



  • [Windows] Now only the MSI installer is published.

  • [Windows, macOS] Added overlay icons in Finder & File Explorer to show when a file has “remaining upload” and is not completely flushed to the object store. The icons are also displayed on folders when there is a file with "remaining upload" in that folder or a subfolder.

  • Now LucidApp can securely store multiple credentials and easily switch between filespaces - new menu “Switch user or filespace”.

  • Introduced a new "Control panel" where one can manage users and shares, local and global settings.

    • In the “Settings” menu users can configure local machine settings in the UI. Similar to `lucid config --local` in the CLI.

    • In the “Global defaults” menu filespace administrators can configure settings that will be used as defaults for all users connecting to the filespace. Similar to `lucid config --global` in the CLI.

  • Enhanced the output of `lucid config` to include all the effective settings and the configured settings.

  • Improved responsiveness and read performance during file indexing - significant improvement for HDDs.

  • Improved cache database crash resilience.

  • Changed Lucid auto-updater URL to be firewall friendly - useful for adding domain based firewall rules.

  • Changed upload rate and download rate settings behavior. Setting 0 no longer means unlimited.

  • Added UI hints on the Login screen for first-time users.


Bug fixes:

  • [CRITICAL, macOS Catalina] Fixed an issue on macOS 10.15 where slow connection could lead to hanging processes and high CPU consumption. As a result the volume cannot be unmounted and the whole system becomes unstable.

  • [Windows] Fixed an issue with the Lucid installer on 32bit Windows.

  • [Windows] Fixed an issue with the Lucid installer when the installer is started while a filespace is mounted as a drive letter..

  • Fixed an issue with the upload of sparse files bigger than 512M

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