Release notes for build #2550, release August 12, 2020

  • Updated

Build 1.24.2550


Data preload support:

  • Now possible to preload on demand the contents of any file or folder into your local cache.

  • [Windows, macOS] Added right click menu “Start/Stop preload” in Finder/File Explorer.

  • Added CLI support through `lucid preload` command - used for following preload progress as well as scripting.

  • Preload only works if the full size of the selected file/folders can fit into the currently configured cache - modal dialog appears for confirmation.


Internal share links support:

  • Now possible to easily create a link to a file or folder for sharing.

  • [Windows,macOS] Added right click menu “Copy link” in Finder/Explorer. 

  • The created link will open only if you already have LucidLink installed -

  • Possible to open links on all platforms - Windows, macOS, Linux.

  • Currently it is not possible to create such links in Linux.


Bug fixes:

  • [Windows] Fixed a bug where Adobe Acrobat Reader is not able to save a file (.pdf, .txt) if Lucid is mounted on a directory.

  • [Windows] Fixed a bug in the LucidFS driver that during upgrade might require an unnecessary Windows reboot.

  • Fixed a bug where DNS resolution was performed locally when using a proxy instead of leaving the proxy server to resolve hostnames.

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