Release notes for build #2632, release September 17, 2020

  • Updated

Build 1.24.2632



  • Added desktop notifications integration.

  • New desktop notification - triggered when new Lucid version is available for download.

  • New Lucid update screen - now displaying changelog for the new release within LucidApp.

  • New “Update notifications” setting added. CLI - “External.UpdateNotification”.

  • Significantly improved data cache recovery - noticeable on setups with large data cache size (e.g. 100GB+).

  • LucidApp now shows a disconnecting screen if Lucid exit takes longer time.

  • Improved file locking performance.

  • Improved upload stability in case of slower internet connections with high latency.

  • Performance improvement when syncing the file index.


Bug fixes:

  • [Critical] Fixed a bug where file locking can be released spuriously.

  • [Critical] Fixed a bug where clients with different compression ratio settings might not be able to read data.

  • [Critical][macOS] Fixed a bug where files may not be visible in Finder.

  • Fixed a bug where “filespace is reaching the limit of...“ parasitic message appears in the Lucid dashboard.

  • Fixed a rare case where wrong file size is reported for actively updated files.

  • [Windows] Fixed a bug where after starting a preload, file/folder context menu still shows “Start preload…” instead of “Stop preload”.

  • [Windows] Fixed a bug where native Windows archiver cannot unarchive .zip file using “Extract all” in the File Explorer.

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