Release notes for build #2664, release October 07, 2020

  • Updated

Build 1.24.2664



  • Added group support - see `lucid help group` for more information. Also UI support via the control panel. Root account required.

  • Added search in the users, groups and shares tabs in the control panel.

  • Modified output of existing `lucid user` and `lucid share` commands - needed for the upcoming SSO support.

  • [macOS][Linux] Performance improvements when working with Azure filespaces.


Bug fixes:

  • [Critical][Windows] Fixed NTFS permissions bug where elevated users are always allowed to list a directory.

  • Fixed wording when filespace size limits are reached.

  • Fixed a bug where Lucid.log is too noisy.

  • Fixed a bug where initializing a new filespace screen might not be properly updated in the LucidApp.

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