Release notes for build #2739, release November 18, 2020

  • Updated

Build 1.24.2739


Pinning support:

  • It is now possible to pin files and folders that will permanently persist in the local cache.

  • Pinned data size is limited to up to 80% of the configured total cache size.

  • [Windows, macOS] - Three new overlay icons in File Explorer/Finder show the pinning state:

    • pinned (green)

    • pinning (blue)

    • failed (orange)

  • A new CLI command `lucid pin` is now available.

  • Updated the CLI command `lucid cache` output to include pinning related information.

  • Preloading functionality is now obsolete by pinning - `lucid preload` command is no longer available.


Other improvements:

  • Configuring cache size no longer requires filespace reconnect.

  • Significant improvement in cancelling in-flight operations (e.g. during deleting unflushed data, etc.).

  • [Windows] Added a new configuration - FileLockingGC.RetentionTime. Sets the amount of time (in seconds) the lucid service will wait clients to reconnect, before releasing the file locks.

  • [Windows] Added a new configuration - FileSystem.MountPointWindowsLabel. Configuration used to label Windows mount points. Also added --label option to the following commands: lucid daemon, lucid link, lucid mount. CLI support only.

  • Added a new configuration - FileSystem.ForbidSpecialCharacters - used to prevent special characters to be used in file/folder names. Special characters are allowed by default.

  • [macOS] Updated driver to support Big Sur - restart required. This change does not include Apple Silicon M1 chip support.

  • Fine tuning the prefetcher - results in faster experience on initial data ingestion (e.g. seek in a video stream).

  • Added a new, shortcut, menu “Open control panel” in the Lucid App.


Bug fixes:

  • [Windows] Fixed a bug where Lucid App was not clearing all locks on exit.
  • [Windows] Fixed a bug in the deinitialization of the Lucid File Explorer extension.


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