Release notes for build #2893, release February 03, 2021

  • Updated

Build 1.24.2893



  • It is now possible to generate a Lucid diagnostic report to collect information required for troubleshooting. Added a new menu “Upload diagnostic report”.

  • It is now possible to force users to change their passwords on the next login.

  • All new Filespaces initialized through the UI will have automatically set default snapshot schedules.

  • [macOS] Updated file system driver - macOS Big Sur improvements.

  • Okta integration no longer requires an Okta API Access Management subscription. Users will not be able to login with existing Okta integrations unless the scope is granted to the Lucid application as per Step 4 from the Okta integration instructions -


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the snapshot tab was always showing up-to-date while file indexing was still running.

  • Fixed a bug where multiple entries were persisted in the switch screen based on username casing.

  • Fixed a bug where the error state in the UI was not cleared up when changing views.


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