Release notes for build #2968, release March 22, 2021

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Build 1.25.2968


Read before update - enhanced local file index integrity check:

Due to ungraceful system shutdowns that could lead to an inconsistent local file index, Lucid has introduced an enhanced integrity check:

  • Upon update to this version, initial login to Filespaces will be slower the first time around, due to an initial Filespace checksum calculation. This operation is resource intensive. The login screen will show a corresponding status that a metadata integrity check is in progress. The CLI “lucid link” command will output the progress as well.

  • Lucid will automatically collect error logs for all occurrences of dirty shutdowns that have caused an inconsistent local file index. This does not include any personal information and will not affect user workflows in any way.

  • The “lucid link/unlink” commands are now extended to show all intermediate states.

  • New option --reset-local-fs for the “lucid link” command - has effect only when unable to connect to a filespace due to an inconsistent local file index.

  • New option --no-progress for the “lucid link/unlink” commands - will suppress the progress output and instead  just print the final state.

  • The “lucid status” output has changed - now a “Client state” line is always returned in the  output.

The format is “Client state: Linking|Linked|Unlinking|Unlinked [(details)]”. All other filespace fields are printed only when the “Client state” is “Linked”.


Other improvements:

  • Added native support for Apple Silicon architectures. This leads to a roughly 30% performance boost on these platforms.

  • Increased the maximum cache size from 1TB to 10TB.

  • Enabled snapshot support for SSO logged in users.

  • Added .xls extension to the FileSystem.LockingExtensions config setting. 

  • [Windows] Removed some extraneous locks during login which could lead to improved login times.

  • [Windows, macOS] Removed automatic open of File Explorer/Finder after Filespace login.


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the metadata synchronization may stop.

  • Fixed a bug where some users might not see shared folder changes until Lucid is restarted.

  • Fixed a performance issue that might freeze Lucid if heavy pinning operations as well as metadata synchronization are taking place. 

  • [macOS] Fixed a bug where LucidApp was not able to switch gracefully between old and new filespaces leading to superfluous ‘permissions denied’ errors.

  • [macOS] Fixed a bug where in rare cases Lucid would hang during the mount/unmount process.

  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to synchronize more than 100 users from a group with Azure AD.

  • Fixed a bug where ordering of the last accessed Filespaces in the “Connect to a Filespace” screen was wrong.

  • Numerous other UI bug fixes in LucidApp.

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