Release notes for build #4587, release April 26, 2023

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Build 2.3.4587


Security patches (recommended):

  • LucidLink constantly aims to improve the security of LucidLink Filespaces. This update includes multiple security patches and enhancements that affect all Filespace versions.
  • It is highly recommended for all users to update their LucidLink desktop clients.
  • This update is fully compatible with all existing and newly created Filespaces.
  • All newly created Filespaces will require LucidLink Client 2.3 or above.


Other improvements:

  • The default password complexity requirements are now changed: a password must be at least 8 characters long and include a number, a lowercase and an uppercase letter. As before, administrators can also configure custom password complexity settings through the CLI for each Filespace. Existing password complexity settings will not be affected by this change.


Bug fixes:

  • [Windows] Fixed a bug where a Windows 10 silent installation unexpectedly removes the lucidfs driver if the same LucidLink Client version has already been installed.
  • Fixed a bug where LucidLink Client REST API could become unresponsive for some time.
  • Various other wordings, UI improvements and bug fixes.

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