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Gergana Berman
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How do I convert to a Paid Account?

Your trial account will automatically turn into a paid account once the trial has ended. Any Filespaces created during your trial will start to incur charges on the day after your trial ended. If you do not wish to continue with those Filespace(s) you must delete each Filespace in its entirety by the last day of your trial. 


I have a Filespace but no data, why am I incurring costs? 

A minimum of 1 TB is charged per Filespace that is created, this includes Filespaces that are “ready for initialization”. A Filespace must be deleted in its entirety to avoid being charged.  


My project is done and I deleted the Filespace, can I keep my account at no cost?

Yes! As long as no Filespace(s) exist in the account, you will not incur any charges. 


I deleted my Filespace, why did I get charged?

We charge a minimum of 1 TB per Filespace per month. You must delete any Filespace(s) that you do not wish to be charged for any longer within the current billing cycle, otherwise that Filespace charge will run into the next billing cycle.


Where can I find my invoices and a breakout of my costs?

In the Billing dashboard located in the webportal, you can view past invoices, a forecasted upcoming invoice as well as download a .csv or .pdf of your invoice(s). 


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