LucidLink Panel for Premiere Pro

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LucidLink's integration with Premiere Pro allows for seamless pinning of data stored in a LucidLink Filespace. This capability removes the hassle of searching for sequence contents in Finder or Explorer.




You can install the panel through the Adobe Exchange marketplace here

How to Use the Panel

  1. Opening the Panel:

    • In Premiere Pro, go to Window -> Extensions -> LucidLink.
    • Once opened, the panel will automatically scan your project. As scanning progresses, it will refresh sequence information.
    • The panel determines each clip's size, location, and pin status in the sequence.
  2. Pin & Cache:

    • To pin all original files of a sequence:
      1. Click the three dots menu icon.
      2. Select Pin all clips.
    • To unpin and free up cache, choose Unpin all clips.
    • If using proxies, you have the option to pin or unpin those files.

    Note: The panel recognizes clips already pinned in Finder or Explorer. If an entire folder is pinned, unpin the folder first before pinning individual files via the panel or the file system.

    Refresh Policy: The panel refrains from incessant checks. It updates clip statuses when you click to focus on it. Icons next to your active sequence will appear white, while others will be gray. To switch views to a different project in the panel, select a sequence from that project, then click on the panel.

    For individual clip or proxy pinning:

    1. Select Open clips view from the sequence menu.
    2. Clips from the sequence will appear below the sequence list. Use the X button to exit this view.

    The Cache clip ranges (Beta) feature selectively caches clip portions in the background. Remember, this isn't pinning; hence, cached data can be replaced by on-demand data or pinned files. Cached clips/proxies will have 5% duration handles at both ends of the range.

    At the Pin & Cache tab's top, users can see the total LucidLink cache set for their workstation, the pinnable cache (80% of total), and current usage.

  3. Settings:

    • Visit the settings tab for recommended Premiere Pro settings optimized for LucidLink.

Troubleshooting If you encounter anomalies, first try closing and reopening the panel. If issues persist, don't hesitate to seek assistance.

Feedback & Support We value your feedback and inquiries! For any questions, suggestions, or issues, please submit a request.

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