Release notes for build #5127, release November 10, 2023

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Build 2.5.5127

Introducing Multiple Filespace Connections via the Desktop App

General Features

  • Ability to connect to multiple Filespaces simultaneously.
  • Redesigned desktop app, displaying details of all Filespaces in use.
  • SSO support across all connected Filespaces.

Filespace Mounting

  • New default mount point locations for Filespaces initialized with a Desktop Client version 2.5 or higher:
    • Windows: C:\Volumes\<domain>\<filespace>
    • macOS: /Volumes/<domain>/<filespace>
    • Linux: /media/<domain>/<filespace>
  • Added prompt for administrators to consider setting up existing Filespaces to use the new default Windows mount point C:\Volumes\<domain>\<filespace>  - useful when workflow depends on fixed paths.

Note: <domain> and <filespace> are placeholders for your specific domain and Filespace names.

CLI Enhancements

  • New CLI command ‘list’, returning a list of all running daemon instances along with their associated Filespace, instance ID, and mode (live, unlinked, snapshot). 
  • New global CLI options for lucid commands: 
    • '--id': allowing users to specify a particular instance id, when running a command
      e.g. lucid --id 501 status
    • '--name': allowing users to specify the name of a particular Filespace, when running a command
      e.g. lucid --name filespace.domain status
  • In scenarios where there is only a single active (non-snapshot) instance, CLI commands will now default to that instance without requiring explicit use of the –id or –name options.
  • Instance numbers for Filespaces connected via the Desktop Client will now start at 501.

For more information go to: 

Other Improvements

  • [Windows] Added option to suppress Explorer restart during silent installations, using the command: 'msiexec /i Lucid.msi RESTARTEXPLORER=0'.
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements

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