Suppress Explorer restart when silently installing the LucidLink Application on Windows

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By default, when installing a new version of the LucidLink application, the installer would initiate a Windows Explorer process restart. This action is needed to make sure the Windows context menu items (such as "Pin" and "Copy File") and overlay icons are updated and working properly.

In some cases, this behaviour may not be desirable and could lead to a confusing user experience when performing a silent installation and could lead the installer to not being able to relaunch Windows Explorer when run as an administrator. The user on whose system the application is deployed would need to manually start Explorer from the Task Manager.

We recommend restarting the Windows device immediately after a new version of LucidLink is installed to ensure consistent behaviour. However, in certain circumstances it may be preferred to suppress this behaviour. 

Should suppression be required, we have RESTARTEXPLORER property built into the Windows installation MSI file which you can use to control this behaviour. Setting it to 0 when running the MSI will not refresh Windows Explorer for the user.

Here is an example of how the property can be set when silently installing the client:

msiexec /i lucid-2.6.5408-x64.msi /qn /norestart RESTARTEXPLORER=0

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