Recommended Filespace Mount Point for Revit Users on Windows

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LucidLink highly recommends setting a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path as the Filespace mount point for users integrating Revit into their workflows. This guideline is essential for ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to configure this setting.

Steps to Set a UNC Path as a Mount Point

  1. Determine the network location where your LucidLink Filespace should be mounted. 
  2. As a Filespace administrator, configure a mount point using UNC Path:
    • Open the LucidLink desktop application.
    • Navigate to "Control panel" > "Global defaults".
    • In the "Windows mount point" section, click "Edit".
    • Enter the UNC path corresponding to your network location, typically in the format ”\\lucid\filespace;L:”.
  3. Configure Revit to use the new mount point:
    • Open Revit and go to the file handling settings.
    • Update the file paths to point to the newly created UNC path mount point in LucidLink.
  4. Test the configuration:
    • Try accessing a Revit project stored in LucidLink through the new UNC path mount point.
    • Ensure that the files open correctly and that performance is as expected.

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