Release notes for build #5377, release February 20, 2024

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Build 2.6.5377

Windows LucidFS driver update:

  • Updated LucidFS file system driver. Windows reboot is required.
  • Experimental support for Windows ARM64. Please note that the Lucid shell extension is not available, meaning there are no overlay icons and context menus in File Explorer.
  • Lucid no longer mounts as a RAM disk on Windows 11. It mounts as a local disk consistent with the behavior on Windows 10.
  • Avid Media Composer can use Lucid with the default mount option on Windows 11. Previously it required a UNC mount point to work.
  • Compatibility with the Windows BitLocker policy that requires encrypted drives for writing. Previously it was not possible to write to a Lucid drive with such a policy in place.

More improvements:

  • Introduced Storage Quota Management via the command line interface with the following config settings:
    • lucid config --set --global --FileSystem.MaxFsSize  - sets the maximum file system size.
    • lucid config --set --global --FileSystem.MaxFsEntries  - sets the maximum number of entries (files, directories, and symlinks).
    • lucid config --set --global --FileSystem.MaxStorageSize - sets the maximum object storage size.
  • The default data cache size has been increased from 5GB to 25GB.
  • The default metadata cache size has been increased from 1GB to 5GB.
  • Upon start-up, the desktop application now automatically detects and displays Filespaces connected via the command line interface.
  • App refocusing behavior has been minimized for reduced distractions and improved workflow efficiency.
  • Enhanced diagnostic report to include logs for multiple Filespaces.
  • [Windows] Improved the installation of the Lucid shell extension, now alerting users whether a File Explorer restart is necessary and allowing them to choose when to perform it.
  • [Windows] Up to 20% performance improvements on Windows when executing a high number of metadata operations (such as traversing a directory tree) with cached metadata.

Bug fixes:

  • Default schedules for Snapshots were sometimes not created automatically upon Filespace initialization.
  • Changing assigned permissions caused the app to display an endless loading animation.
  • In rare cases, the LucidLink App could crash leading to inconsistent local metadata.
  • The LucidLink App would disconnect for a short period when specific errors from the Object Storage are received.
  • [macOS] The oldest snapshot was not visible in Finder on some macOS machines when mounted.

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