3.0 Getting started for workspace creators

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In this article you will learn how to

    • Register your profile
    • Create your workspace
    • Create your first filespace
    • Invite teammates
    • Assign permissions


Register your profile

  1. Visit  app.beta.lucidlink.com
  2. Register and create your master password
  3. Verify your email address

❗️Ensure you remember your password. Due to our zero-knowledge security model we cannot recover your password. In 3.0 preview we haven't yet built a method for recovering your profile.


Create your workspace

Name your workspace in a way that is recognizable for your organization. For example the name of your company or department.


Create your filespace

  1. Choose a name that your team will see as a drive on their desktop. 
  2. Choose the type of storage for your filespace
  3. Choose a region where your data will be stored
  4. Wait for your filespace to be fully created


Invite teammates

  1. Click Invite members
  2. Type the email addresses of the team members you would like to collaborate with
  3. Click Generate invite link
  4. Copy the link and send it to your teammates via email or a messaging platform (ex. Slack or Teams)

Only the teammates you specified will be able to join through this invitation link. If you would like to open the invitation to anyone in your organization, learn how to do so here

Your teammates will not receive an email from LucidLink containing this invitation. They need to click on the link that you send them to join your workspace. 


Assign folder permissions

  1. Click on the filespace menu
  2. Select Access & Permissions
  3. Click Share Folder
  4. Select the folder you would like to share
  5. Select the member you would like to give access to
  6. Select View for read-only access and Edit for read and write access
  7. Click Grant Access
  8. Click Done to confirm


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