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Invitation links in LucidLink aren't open to anyone who clicks the invite link. You have two ways of restricting who can join the workspace through an invitation link. The first method is by specifying individual email addresses and the second - by specifying the email domain of your organization and letting anyone with this email domain join the workspace. 

❗️Even if they join, that will not automatically give them permissions to see any data. As the owner of the workspace you need to grant folder permissions to the members. 

To open get an invitation link for anyone with your organization's email domain follow these steps.

  1. Set your domain in the workspace settings

  2. Go to invite members
  3. Select "Anyone in my organization"
  4. Click Generate invite
  5. Send the link to your teammates over email or a messaging platform (ex. Slack, Teams)


✨Tip: Once generated, you can access this invitation link and copy it from the top of the Invitations page. 





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