How to make the most of your free trial?

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The LucidLink free trial is a full featured trial giving you unrestricted access to the exciting world of real-time collaboration.  To make the most of your trial, we recommend the following best practices.


It can be helpful to have all members of your test team install the LucidLink desktop client ahead of time.  Also, consider sharing our getting started page with all members of your test team.


While a single user can certainly test if LucidLink is compatible with an individual's workflow, things get much more interesting (and valuable) when you invite some colleagues to test with you.  We highly recommend planning a group of users to test together.


We recommend spending a bit of time at the beginning of your trial to agree to a list of success criteria that your team would like to see fulfilled during the testing period.  Write them down, test against these criteria, and schedule a recap for your team internally at the end of the testing period to discuss results.


If your team gets stuck anywhere, don't hesitate to reach out for help.  There are many great resources available including our knowledge-baseslack community, and support team.  

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