How to recover data from a snapshot

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Snapshots provide LucidLink users with the ability to recover previous versions of their data according to the schedule created by the Filespace administrators.  Whichever folders you have permission to access in the current version of the Filespace will be the same in the snapshot for the Filespace.  Whether you accidentally deleted something, or wish you had a previous version of a file, snapshots are a convenient way to provide that access.

Accessing Your Snapshots

All snapshots can be activated via the LucidLink Client dashboard or via the command line, by selecting the snapshot tab, entering your password and selecting Mount. Snapshots are read-only, you can simply copy any required data out of a certain snapshot to your active Filespace.

Navigate to the LucidLink Application Home screen, select the relevant filespace from the list of available Filespaces and navigate to the Snapshots tab:


Once you've activated your snapshots, you will note an additional mount point that contains all your available snapshots.







Recovery Time

Once you locate the file(s) or folder(s) you would like to recover, drag them to the desired location in the active Filespace.  This recovery process is not instantaneous and will take time to complete.  If you need to perform a large recovery such as fixing an accidental deletion, please contact the LucidLink support team for guidance on best practices and acceleration techniques.

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