April 2024 Outage FAQ - 04/30/2024

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Q: Are new filespaces affected

A: New filespaces are not affected. You can create and connect to new filespaces as usual. 

Q: How do I know when my filespace data backup last occurred? 

A: LucidLink’s systems backup each filespace individually on a rolling basis every 6 hours. We cannot provide your individual backup time, but the worst case would be 6 hours prior to the outage at 12:55 UTC, or 6:55 UTC. 

Q: If a user never “lost connection,” can they continue to work safely?

A: Customers may find themselves in one of three situations:

  • Scenario 1: The LucidLink App was not connected/offline before and during the outage, and no data or metadata was stopped from reaching the cloud. The LucidLink App could not reconnect.
    1. Result: Customers should have no issue reconnecting and accessing data in the filespace as it was at the time of backup.
  • Scenario 2: The outage disconnected the LucidLink App while in the process of updating metadata or sending data to the cloud. The pending cloud updates are in the local LucidLink App caches (metastore and data cache), waiting to reconnect to finish the updates. The Customer is not able to log into the filespace. 
    1. Result: Customers should also have no issue reconnecting and accessing data in the filespace as it was at the time of backup. The LucidLink App would finish uploading data and updating metadata automatically upon reconnection, so work wouldn’t be lost. 
  • Scenario 3: The LucidLink App didn’t appear to disconnect, and the Customer can see files in their filespace, though, in the background, the LucidLink Service was disconnected.  As the outage continued, the Customer continued to view and modify files in their filespace. As they saved work or believed they were writing data to the cloud, it was stored in their local cache.
    1. Result: Because the LucidLink Service is offline, there may be data and metadata updates that have not yet reached the cloud, which serves as the primary source of truth. All data and metadata are in the local cache during this time. It's unlikely that the LucidLink App will reconnect to the filespace automatically. If the app status indicates a  "disconnected" state, it might be unable to reconnect, preventing the user from retrieving updated data from local caches. Consequently, some work could be lost. If anyone has been working in their filespace during this outage, it is recommended that the user save anything they have been working on to a local storage device (or copy it locally). 

When the filespace service is restored, if the client can reconnect, then it will be similar to Scenario 2, and the filespace will contain that user’s work. If the client can’t reconnect, they can work with the Support team by submitting a ticket at https://support.lucidlink.com, and after their client connection to the filespace is restored, they can copy the files they have locally to the filespace.

Q: Are all filespaces intact? 

A: We can confirm no file data prior to the last backup before the outage was lost, and no personal or corporate information was corrupted. However, the metadata service for each filespace was damaged during this infrastructure attack, which is causing the connection outage. We are fixing the metadata service, which will restore access to your data. Each filespace's metadata service is restored individually.

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