How to share and collaborate with an external user

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There may be times when you want to collaborate with someone who is not already a member of your LucidLink filespace.  This may include freelancers, clients, contractors, or new team members.  There are only a few simple steps to add a new user to your filespace.  Three steps are done by a Filespace admin, and two by the new user.


  1. The Filespace admin will open the control panel and navigate to the “users” section.  Click the green plus button and enter a username and password to create a user for the new collaborator.  We recommend selecting the “force user to change password” button

    AddUser0 (1).png

  2. Now that the user is created, click on “permissions” next to their username to grant the user access to certain folders. You can select either “read” or “read/write.”  In the case of a user needing to upload files, you may want to create a new folder just for this user


  3. Next, the admin should send the following information to the new user.  

    Filespace name including domain



  4. New collaborators do NOT need to make their own web account. Instead, they would start by going to to download and install the LucidLink desktop application. 


  5. After launching the desktop application, the new user will see a prompt to “connect to a
    filespace”  Enter the name provided by the admin.  Next enter the username and temporary password provided by the admin.



That’s it, the new user can now open the filespace and collaborate in the folders in which they were granted access.

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