Release notes for build #5707, release Jul 1, 2024

  • Updated

Build 2.6.5707


  • LucidLink Application will now adhere to the operating system's Startup/Login settings and auto-start on system boot based on that.

  • Added a new option 'allow-reset-local-fs' to the 'lucid link' and 'lucid daemon' commands. 'reset-local-fs' option is now deprecated.
  • When LucidLink Application is closed, it can be brought back into focus by clicking the LucidLink shortcut within the Start Menu / Launchpad.

Bug Fixes:

  • When pinning an item, the available size in the cache was always shown as the default limit instead of the actual remaining capacity of the pinning limit. This could leаd to failed pinning operations due to the lack of available disk space.

  • [Windows] In some cases, LucidLink Application was appearing multiple times in the list of Windows Startup programs.

  • [Windows] In rare cases, users were incorrectly advised that a new version of LucidShellExt had been installed and were prompted to restart their File Explorer multiple times.

  • [macOS] When installing LucidLink Application, the title and description of the installed package were incorrect.

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