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What's new?

LucidLink is happy to announce its new generation LucidLink Filespaces product, releasing LucidLink Metadata Streaming Beta version.

Over the past year, LucidLink has experienced tremendous user adoption and growing demand for our services. Small and medium businesses, as well as large enterprises, are relying on LucidLink daily to improve their team efficiency, collaborating over long distances. Such collaborations often exceed hundreds of concurrent users per Filespace, having access to millions of files.

To address the ever-growing demand for active remote collaboration, we have re-architected our file streaming technology from the ground up in a revolutionary new way. 

Introducing metadata streaming

Here are some of the highlights of the new LucidLink version:

  • New users are now able to instantly browse Filespaces of any size.
  • Snapshots of any size are mounted and accessible instantaneously.
  • Users cache locally only the metadata they need, avoiding unnecessary use of local resources.
  • Advanced algorithms allow for optimal metadata streaming over the Internet, using minimal system overhead and compressed traffic.
  • Same security model - the metadata remains fully encrypted and LucidLink does not make any assumptions about explicitly trusting the network infrastructure, the cloud storage providers, or LucidLink itself.


How to create a Metadata Streaming Filespace?

We have made sure trying out the new LucidLink Metadata Streaming Filespace is a breeze. Just follow the steps below:

1. Login to your webportal account.

2. Click on the card to create a new Filespace.



3. Select Basic/Team/Enterprise/Custom Filespace.

4. Click the new “Experimental Metadata Streaming Support” checkbox.



5. Confirm the Filespace creation.




6. In order to initialize the Filespace, make sure you have the latest LucidLink Client version installed.

How to provide feedback?

We would love to get your feedback regarding the new Metadata Streaming Beta Filespaces.

1. Please feel free to join our slack community.

You can share your feedback, questions or suggestions regarding the new LucidLink Metadata Streaming Beta in the slack channel #metadata-streaming-beta.

2. Alternatively, you can reach out to us at

Will I be able to use my existing Filespaces with the new LucidLink Client?

Yes, absolutely.

We have made sure both new and existing Filespaces are accessible through the same LucidLink Client. This allows for easier management when it comes to experimenting with new Beta releases, as well as keeping the same LucidLink Client deployment procedures for large organizations.


LucidLink versions have been thoroughly tested, to ensure there are no breaking changes to existing Filespaces.

Can I use LucidLink Metadata Streaming Beta Filespace for my production data?

Please, do not use Beta Filespaces for production workloads!

While we’ve made sure the product is stable, it is still considered an experimental release.  We will likely introduce breaking changes between the beta and the final release. As a result, filespaces created during the beta phase might not be compatible with the final version and will need to be deleted.

How much will it cost me to try the new Beta Filespace?

All Beta Filespaces will be provided at no cost for the duration of the Beta phase.

Will I be able to upgrade my existing Filespace?

Currently, LucidLink Filespaces Beta can only be used for newly created Filespaces and there is no upgrade path to or from Beta filespaces.

Once a stable LucidLink Filespaces is released customers will be able to create new filespaces and migrate their data to them, but there isn't an in-place upgrade path available for moving from V1 filespaces to V2.

What’s next?

The metadata streaming is a fundamental building block for a scalable foundation on which we will rapidly build much-needed additional features. Here are some of the highlights of what is coming:

  • Upload indicator - allowing users to see when an upload is completed by their colleagues.

  • Instant snapshot recovery without the need to copy data from the snapshot to the live Filespace.

  • Improved enterprise SSO support.

These are just a few of the upcoming improvements for LucidLink.


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