What Cloud Object Storage providers are supported?

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Our service is designed to capitalize on a providers REST API libraries, Amazon S3Microsoft Azure Blob or S3 Compatible object stores.  

In order to leverage the full capabilities of LucidLink's Filespaces you will require your object store credentials. 

Our Filespaces leverage object store in a unique data layout and compliments this architecture with a protocol which separates the metadata from the file data, synchronizes the metadata locally and streams data at a block level layout from the object store, as applications or users request access.

Each client liaises directly with a global namespace. The advantage here is you can host a remarkable amount of data in the object store, but only make individual calls on exact portions of data based on smaller objects, not full puts and gets. 

Visit our Object Storage Providers section for a full list of supported and in development providers, along with information on how to retrieve your providers credentials. And consult our Getting Started guide on creating your own Filespace.

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