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What is LucidLink?

Team LucidLink
Team LucidLink
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Our service is a log-structured distributed file system, designed for the cloud and specifically to leverage object storage, using the object store in a unique data layout, as a block level scale-out storage platform with virtually infinite performance and capacity.  

We enable our customers to bring their own storage, own and manage their own encryption. Data is encrypted on the client-side, so that it resides in the object store in a secure manner - not even the object storage vendor can decrypt. 

Our distributed streaming file system, is purpose built for high latency environments like the Internet, and specifically as a POSIX type of front end for cloud object storage. 

We have not seen any other service like this out there. Instead, companies rely on old protocols which were not meant for this kind of environment (NFS, CIFS, SMB), which break down due to latency, and which require re-writing applications or unnatural workarounds.


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