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What is LucidLink?

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LucidLink is a revolutionary solution designed to enhance team collaboration by enabling real-time work without the need for time-consuming downloads and syncing. It offers lightning-fast performance, straightforward usability, and robust security features, transforming the way teams collaborate without requiring them to change their existing workflows.


Working in LucidLink


LucidLink enhances team collaboration by enabling instant access to files and data as if they were local, removing geographical barriers and streamlining joint efforts. It integrates seamlessly into teams' workflows, making real-time collaboration and information sharing effortless and efficient.


With its exceptional performance, LucidLink provides lightning-fast access to cloud storage, akin to a local drive. This ensures that teams can access and work with large files and datasets swiftly, boosting productivity across data-intensive industries.


LucidLink prioritizes security, employing advanced encryption to protect data both in transit and at rest. This robust security framework allows teams to collaborate confidently, knowing their sensitive information is well-protected.

Flexibility, Familiarity, and Workflow

LucidLink is designed for flexibility, fitting into existing workflows with ease and requiring minimal adaptation. Its user-friendly approach preserves the familiarity of traditional workflows, ensuring a smooth transition and adoption for enhanced collaboration and efficiency.


Getting started with LucidLink

Does your company already use LucidLink?

If you are a new LucidLink user learn how to get set up and get started in LucidLink.


Looking to setup LucidLink for your company?

Learn more about LucidLink's pricing plans, visit our guide for workspace creators, and dive into more resources for administrators



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