Connecting to your storage account

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In this topic, we will cover how to create and retrieve specific supported cloud or on-premises object storage provider credentials. 

You will require Amazon S3Microsoft Azure Blob, or S3 Compatible object storage to complete initialization.

LucidLink Filespace initialization requires some critical pieces of information: you will require a valid object storage endpoint and/or region-specific to your particular service provider, along with your object storage security credentials. 

You must make sure your credentials have object storage REST API appropriate permissions to perform Put, Get, Head, List, Delete object, blob, bucket, or container operations. 

Obtaining these details are unique to each provider, as each provider is slightly different, we have provided below unique guides to each vendor current certified, available to our service, or in beta. 

Typically our portal service will provide certain provider-specific information through each specific vendor flow.  


Supported Providers:


Amazon S3

Amazon Gov Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud

IBM Cloud

Zadara Storage




Wasabi Technologies

Nutanix Objects

MinIO Server


Beta Providers:



Pure Storage

A1 Digital Exoscale


Ceph RADOS Gateway


Oracle Cloud

OVH Public Cloud


All object storage providers 

Initialize your Filespace against an on-premises or custom, or any S3 Compatible provider not currently listed provider using "Other Cloud" portal tile.

Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to LucidLink Support and create a New Support Ticket.

If you are using your own cloud storage provider, please remember to complete your profile and establish your payment method.


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