Initialize your Filespace

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1. Once you have successfully created your Filespace it is time to initialize it. If you have chosen a Basic or Advanced Filespace option you do not need to provide any cloud storage vendor credentials, we automatically do this for you in the background.

You will require our LucidLink client installed: please see here for Windows, macOS and Linux client installation instructions - once installed, select Initialize on your Filespace from the Web Portal dashboard to begin.

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2. Clicking Initialize will launch the wizard and prompt you to install the LucidLink client and then Launch it. You must initiate the Initialization from the Web Portal dashboard, or via CLI for more advanced configurations.





3. Provide the Lucid client with your cloud storage provider credentials, if you have selected the Custom filespace option.

Please click here for assistance in finding your access key and secret keys.

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4. Create a Filespace root password. You will require this root password to administer your Filespace initially, please keep it in a safe place, if you lose your root password it cannot be recovered or reset- your data will be encrypted and cannot be accessed without your Filespace user accounts or passwords.

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5. Congratulations! Your Filespace is now initialized. In the unlikely event something didn't go according to plan, please do not hesitate to create a new support ticket.

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If you wish to specify additional options you can initialize manually with our command line, please consult our Command-line Filespace initialization KB for guidance.
Please remember to also Complete your profile and establish your payment method.


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