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In order to begin you will require your credentials from your Scality environment. These come in the form of an Access Key and Secret Access Key. To generate these, log into your Scality S3 Management Endpoint, for example




Create an account if none exists. Then generate an Access Key by clicking on the key icon under actions. The Secret Access Key is only visible once per generated key pair.




If you wish to create a bucket manually you can use the Scality S3 Object Browser, which in our example is accessible at Log in with your Access Key and Secret Access Key. At this point you can select Create Bucket.





Once you have your RegionAccess Key and Secret Access Key you can create your LucidLink Filespace. 


Scality S3 Server will use the us-east-1 region by default, if no region is specified. If you are custom regions, be sure to use the appropriate region when provisioning your LucidLink Filespace. 


Please select the "Scality RING" tile when creating your Filespace. 




You will use the HTTP or HTTPS endpoint. For example, And enter your region.


After this you will notice the Filespace being prepared, which will take a minute or two complete.


Now your Filespace is ready for initialization. If you have not done so previously, download and install the LucidLink Client. Then follow the steps in the LucidLink web portal to initialize your Filespace. 


Initializing your Filespace involves providing the Access Key and Secret Access Key you set up in the Scality S3 Management Endpoint.


You will also be asked for a root account password which is used to encrypt your Filespace to prevent unauthorized data access. For more information on this please review our Initialize your Filespace FAQ. This can also be achieved via the command line.


Please reach out to LucidLink Support should you require any further assistance.

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