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In order to begin you will require your credentials from your Telefonica environment. These come in the form of an Access Key ID  and Secret Key. To generate these select your user account in Telefonica Open Cloud, and open up the drop down menu, selecting My Credential.


Note: Your organizations Telefonica Open Cloud administrator may have to give you an account should you not have management access. If you don't have a Telefonica Open Cloud account you need to fill out a contact form.




Add an Access Key. This will require two factor authentication. You'll need to enter your password, and wait for a code to be sent to you. After this you can download a CSV file with your access key and secret key. 




If you wish to create your bucket manually select Service List and Object Storage Service. And select Create Bucket. At this point you can specify a region. 


Note: We do not support all available Telefonica regions. Should you have questions about region choices please contact LucidLink Support.



TE3.pngOnce you have your RegionAccess Key and Secret Key you can create your LucidLink Filespace. 


Please select the "Telefonica" tile when to create your Filespace and select an available region.




Now your Filespace is ready for initialization. If you have not done so previously, download and install the LucidLink Client. Then follow the steps in the LucidLink web portal to initialize your Filespace. 


Initializing your Filespace involves providing the Access Key ID and Secret Key you set up in the Telefonica Open Cloud portal. 


You will also be asked for a root account password which is used to encrypt your Filespace to prevent unauthorized data access. For more information on this please review our Initialize your Filespace FAQ. This can also be achieved via the command line.


Please reach out to LucidLink Support should you require any further assistance.

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