A1 Digital Exoscale (beta)

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Exoscale S3 compatible storage with LucidLink provides a compelling data sovereignty benefit to organisation who require their data stored within secure data centers in the heart of Europe to grant you uncompromised safety and performance. 


To initialize a LucidLink Filespace with Exoscale you can obtain your access-key and secret-key from within your Account, API Keys tab.




Once you have your Access-key Secret-key you can create your LucidLink File space. Please select "Exoscale" tile when creating your File space, and choose your preferred region. 


Your Filespace will be created in the region of choice and you can follow the steps to initialize your Filespace with your credentials. 




If additional Filespace parameters are required, such as block size you can follow the Initialize Other Cloud File space FAQ. as you need to initialize manually and will use the endpoint of https://sos-<zone>.exo.io - replace zone with Zurich ch-dk-2 or Frankfurt de-fra-1, for example.


To initialize your Filespace manually via the command line. Please follow the initial steps in Initialize Other Cloud File space FAQ and complete the remaining steps as instructed to ensure your Filespace is initialized correctly. Should you have any problems, please reach our to LucidLink Support.


Example initialization string:

lucid init-s3 --fs <filespace.domain> --password <password> --https --endpoint sos-de-fra-1.exo.io --region de-fra-1 --access-key <accesskey> --secret-key <secretkey> --provider Exoscale

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