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You will require your Backblaze account Access key and Secret key API credentials along with a Bucket, your S3 Endpoint and Region to initialize your Filespace.

For the purposes of terminology, the Application Key and Application Key ID are the equivalent of the Secret Access Key and Access Key ID respectively.

Log into your Backblaze account portal and select and Create a Bucket


Provide a unique Bucket name. We recommend 1 bucket per Filespace so choose a logical naming convention easily identifiable to your Filespace.


Navigate to App Keys then Add a New Application Key to create your Access key (keyID) and Secret key (applicationKey):



Provide a logical name for your application key, again, we recommend you match your key name to your Filespace and bucket naming convention. Ensure your access is Read and Write.


Copy your credentials to clipboard and retain them in a safe place. You will need the region to initialize your Filespace. The region will be the location where your data is stored. 


Backblaze S3 API endpoint URL is formatted in this manner https://s3.<region>

Once you have your BucketRegionAccess key, and Secret key you can create your Filespace.

Sign-up to LucidLink to create your Filespace backed by Backblaze. Specify a Domain and select Create a new filespace.

Choose Bring your own storage 


Provide a Filespace name


Select Other Cloud to begin creating your Filespace. 


You will use the HTTPS endpoint. For example, and your Region select Configure advanced settings to specify your Bucket name Next 


Provide your Bucket name and Next to review, confirm, and Create your Filespace.


You will notice the Filespace being prepared, which will take a minute or two to complete.

When your Filespace is ready for initialization. Select Initialize.

BB14.pngIf you have not done so previously, download and install the LucidLink Client


Then Launch the desktop client to initialize your Filespace.

Initializing your Filespace involves providing the Access key and Secret key you set up earlier in your Backblaze account. 


You will also be asked for a root account password which is used to encrypt your Filespace to prevent unauthorized data access. 


Success! Your Filespace is now initialized and you are ready to open the folder to begin using your Filespace.

Review our additional knowledge-base articles on our support site for additional information on creating users, providing share data access and implementing snapshots.


For more information on this please review our Initialize your Filespace FAQ which can also be achieved via the command line should you not have a GUI desktop available.

Example initialization string:

lucid init-s3 --fs <filespace.domain> --endpoint --https --access-key <accesskey> --secret-key <secretkey> --provider Backblaze --password <rootpwd> --region us-west-000 --bucket-name <bucket-name>

Please reach out to LucidLink Support should you require any further assistance.


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