IBM Cloud Object Storage

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IBM Cloud provides S3 Compatible Storage access-key and secret-keys via HMAC credentials. To obtain your authentication keys please login to your account, navigate to Classic Infrastructure and Storage then select Service Credentials.




When you create your credentials you will require Manager role and expand Advanced Options to Include HMAC Credentials.



Once your credentials are created you can View credentials and obtain your HMAC access-key and secret-key. You will require these keys for the initialization phase of your Filespace.



In order to initialize your Filespace you will need to choose a suitable region endpoint to host your data. you can obtain your preferred region from Endpoints menu and selecting an appropriate public endpoint.



After you selected your region endpoint you will initialize your Filespace following the Initialize Other Cloud Filespace FAQ with special attention to supplying the correct region through our portal initialization and completing the initialization with your credentials by following the process or manually via the command line.


If you wish to specify additional options you can initialize manually with our command line, please review "lucid help init-s3" for further details such as data layout block size. review our Command line Filespace initialization FAQ for guidance. 


Example initialization string:


lucid init-s3 --fs <filespace.domain> --password <sharedsecret> --https --endpoint --access-key <accesskey> --secret-key <secretkey> --provider IBM


Please reach out to LucidLink Support should you require any further assistance.

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