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Oracle Cloud Object Storage is S3 compatible storage which can be used with your LucidLink Filespace.

In order to initialize your filespace you will require an access key and secret key from your Oracle Cloud account. You will need to generate this if you have not already done so:


1. Login to your Oracle Cloud Console

2. Within Identity, select Users, and select the user your are logged in with or one that has the appropriate permissions.

3. Under Resources, select Customer Secret Keys and select Generate Secret Key. This key will be what is used to access the object storage bucket.




Aside from generating an access key and secret key you will need an object storage bucket. This can be created under Object Storage.

Once you have your access key and object storage bucket you can create a LucidLink Filespace.

Please select Other Cloud when creating your filespace and enter the Endpoint URL and Region name (or us-east-1). Optional: specify I will provide my own bucket name and enter the bucket name that you created on Oracle Cloud.

The endpoint url for Oracle Cloud Object Storage is structured differently than most other offerings. This involves both your tenant namespace and the region name associated with your bucket.


If you wish to specify additional options you initialize a filespace via the command line instead of the user interface.

Example CLI initialization string:

lucid init-s3 --fs <filespace.domain> --endpoint <tenancy-namespace>.compat.objectstorage.<region> --https --access-key <access-key> --secret-key <secret-key> --provider other --password <rootpassword> --region us-east-1


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