LucidLink as a Windows Service

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If you'd like to have a user or application flow configured as a specific mount-point which survives system reboots and starts automatically, you can setup LucidLink client to run as a Windows service. 

You can start/stop your service through Windows Service Manager and have it depend on additional services and applications.  

Please consult the following steps from our command line interface with  lucid help service .   

Lucid service [--status]
Lucid service --install
Lucid service --uninstall
Lucid service --start
Lucid service --stop

Manage the Lucid service - requires Windows Administrator privileges (run commands from Administrator console)

Once lucid is running, use lucid link command to link to a file space. When running as a service,options to lucid link will be securely persisted in the OS. If the service is restarted any previously persisted link options are automatically reused.


    [--status]               Display information about the current state of the Lucid service
    --install                Install Lucid as a service
    --uninstall              Uninstall Lucid as a service
    --start                  Start Lucid service.
    --stop                   Stop Lucid service


Example usage will be that you open a command prompt with Run as Administrator to install and start the service:


lucid service --install
Lucid has been successfully registered as a service.

lucid service --start
Starting Lucid...
Lucid started.

Now that the service is installed and started, the service/daemon is awaiting link instructions. Once the link command is provided the settings will persist and resume automatically when restarted at reboot. 

lucid link --fs <filespace.domain> --user <user> --password <password> --mount-point <mount-point>
If your password contains special characters, enclosing it in double quotes is recommended:
lucid link --fs <filespace.domain> --user <user> --password "$ecure&SafePassword" --mount-point <mount-point>

In cases where an inconsistent file index is detected (because of corrupted cache or a long period where LucidLink was not used on a particular machine) you might need to reset it. You can set the --reset-local-fs flag to the link command to automatically apply this.


Please note automatic linking to a Filespace is not guaranteed if Internet connection is not available 


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