Administer Filespace Permissions

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Filespace permissions form the basis of our Access Control List (ACL) and enable administrators to provide, read, read-write access throughout the Filespace of folders and subsequently the files they contain to particular users. 

Before you begin implementing your permission structure, you will need to create your users. Please review Manage Filespace Users FAQ for a detailed overview of administering your users.

Permissions for each user can be granted access across the entire Filespace hierarchical tree structure via assigning a user provisioned data access.

Permissions are an important way of securing access to certain data, enabling users to participate in project collaboration, or gain access to areas of a Filespace when required. Administrators can apply or revoke access as required, promoting users with read access, to read-write as their access requirements evolve, or remove access entirely.

Creating permissions and allocating users and permissions can be achieved via our LucidLink client dashboard and the control panel tab.

Open your LucidLink Application and select the relevant Filespace from the list of available Filespaces. Then navigate to the Control Panel and add your password to open it: 

Please note, as of Filespace format 2.2 the legacy term “Shares” has been changed to “Permissions.”


Permissions are assigned to users with read, read & write permissions. 


Add permission with the plus button in the top right-hand corner.

1. Choose a Filespace path.


2. Select a User or Group to assign permission


3. Specify access type, read or read, write and press "add permission".


Existing permissions can be modified, additional users or groups added, or user or group access updated or revoked by expanding the permission, adding users or selecting more options on existing users.




Command-line administration

Filespace permissions can also be administered from the command line and easily scripted.

lucid help permission
lucid permission [--list] [--effective]
lucid permission [--list] --configured
lucid permission --set path (--user username | --group groupname) [--access levels]
lucid permission --delete path (--user username | --group groupname)
lucid permission --get path

Permission management - requires administrative privileges (Filespace Format 2.2 and above)


--password password Your current password
--list Display the list of existing permissions
--effective Display the effective permissions
--configured Display all configured permissions
--set path Set path permissions. The path starts at the Filespace root, not the local file system root.
--delete path Delete a permission
--get path Get path permission. If none, permissions are inherited from parent path
--user username Username
--group groupname Group name
--access levels Comma separated list of levels: read,write. Default: --access read,write.

Provision a Filespace root path to a user with read-write permissions.

lucid permission --set / --user user1 --acccess read,write

Provision a folder with read only access permissions.

lucid permission --set /company --user user1 --access read

Promote previously user folder from read only access to read,write permissions.

lucid permission--set /company --user user1 --access read,write

Provision a folder to a user with read-write access permissions.

lucid permission --set /sales --user user1 --access read,write

Revoke a users write permissions from a folder.

lucid permission --set /sales --user user1 --acess read

Revoke a users access from a folder.

lucid permission --delete /sales --user user1

Display share structure for an entire Filespace.

lucid permission --list
Enter your current password:

/ lucid\support [user] read
/ lucid\lucidlink [user] full
Images lucid\support [user] read, write
Upload lucid\support [user] read, write
Video lucid\Roots [group] read
Video lucid\support [user] read, write

Display a particular folder's share properties.

lucid permission --get /Video
Enter your current password:
/Video lucid\Roots [group] read
/Video lucid\support [user] read, write
If you'd like to bulk create your permissions, we have an example Powershell script in our tips and tricks Bulk Permission Creation FAQ.

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