Adjust local cache settings in the command-line interface

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You can adjust and view the LucidLink cache through the command-line interface 'lucid cache' and 'lucid config' commands. 

The "lucid cache" command can be used to see the current cache configuration and turn the cache on or off.

Usage: lucid cache [options]

Display cache information as well as control the cache
    [--info]              Display cache information
    --on                  Turn the cache on
    --off                 Turn the cache off
--drop Clear all evictable pages from the cache.

Cache status:

lucid cache

State: enabled
Backend writes: enabled
Page size: 257KiB
Maximum configured size: 2.93GiB
Current size on disk: 2.93GiB
Pinned size on disk: 0B
Available size for pinning: 2.34GiB
Remaining upload: 0B

Clear all evictable pages from the cache.:

lucid cache --drop

To change the cache size from the command line you need to use lucid config.

usage: lucid config --explain [--KEY1 --KEY2 ...]

Key:               DataCache.Size
Description:       Local data cache size. The default is 5GB. 80% of the size is available for pinning.
Value constraints: Min 100MB. Max 10TB. Supported units: MB, GB, TB.
Default value:     5GiB


Example: change lucid cache size to 10GB (applied once there are no remaining uploads)

lucid config --set --DataCache.Size 10G

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