Connect and Remember your Filespaces

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Connecting to your Filespace you will require the full Filespace and Domain name along with appropriate User and Password credentials. 

If you've been invited to join an existing Filespace your administrator will provide you these details.

If you are getting started please begin by signing up to our service. There is no need to sign up to our service if your intention is to join an existing Filespace.

Begin by downloading our LucidLink client.  

Follow our WindowsmacOS and Linux installation guides and basic overview knowledge base articles.

Once you have installed you are ready to connect to your Filespace:

  1. Provide your Filespace including the "." (dot) Domain
  2. Specify your allocated User (default Root)
  3. Enter your unique password (default Root password provided during initialization)

LucidLink client remembers previous connections to your Filespaces, along with which users you have connected and whether or not you remembered their credentials for a Filespace.

The Remember Password feature is useful to remain connected to your Filespaces and provides a convenient way of having your previous session automatically mount when the system starts.


When you remember your password while joining your Filespace, your credentials will be saved in the local operating system credential manager or keychain and will automatically connect to the previously connected Filespace.

If you wish to switch the user connected to the current Filespace, you need to disconnect from the current filespace by hovering over the item in the FIlespaces list and clicking the "Disconnect" button as shown in the image below:

You can then click on "+ Connect to another Filespace" and log in as another user:


If you have exited the client or rebooted your machine, your client will reconnect to your previously connected, password remembered Filespace automatically on system start.

Should you wish to remove a Filespace connection entry, you can forget any previously connected Filespaces or particular user credentials associated with a Filespace by hovering over the Filespace entry and selecting the forget-button.png - forget Filespace button.


Alternatively, you can also run LucidLink as a Windows ServicemacOS launchd LaunchAgent or Linux systemd service for command-line operating environments or scripting purposes.


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