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The LucidLink client will check automatically for a newer version at every start, and also once a day when Lucid runs without interruption. If the user confirms, the upgrade process will automatically download and execute the installer. 

You can select "Ask me later" button when prompted to upgrade to ignore any upgrades for the next two weeks regardless if new versions are released.


To update your LucidLink client manually you can select Check for updates from within the options menu.







Alternatively the LucidLink client can be manually updated via the command line. you can check which version you have and our latest version along with downloading the latest version for our servers.


usage: Lucid update [options]

auto-updater control


    --check                 check for newer version available on our servers
    --download          download latest version from our servers (if newer)
    --rc                       check/download release-candidate instead of the latest production version
    --json                   set output in JSON format
    --proxy arg          specify a proxy server to tunnel all communication. Use the following format: [protocol://][user:password@]proxyhost[:port]. Supported protocols: http.

In order to check for updates and download them:

    lucid update --check
    lucid update --download


Then the downloaded .pkg file can be installed with:

sudo installer -pkg /path/to/package.pkg -target /



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