LucidLink Windows Share No Longer Appears After Reboot

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If you are using LucidLink to host an SMB share on Windows, in some cases that share may no longer be accessible upon reboot. 

LucidLink starts after the Windows Server Service, which is is responsible for reconnecting shares when the system restarts.

To resolve this you can ensure that the net share command is run after the LucidLink service starts:

  1. Make sure you created a Filespace and have set LucidLink as a Windows Service
  2. Open up the Task Scheduler and create a scheduled task. Ensure it is set to run whether a user is logged on or not, and that this task runs with highest privileges. AR1.png
  3. Create a "shares.bat" file that calls net share sharename=drive:\share /GRANT:Everyone,FULL, and save this as c:\Program Files\Lucid\scripts\shares.bat.
  4. Create a scheduled task action that calls this script. AR2.png
  5. Create a trigger that runs on an event. Choose 'custom' and create a new event filter based on XML. AR3.png
   <Query Id="0"> 
      <Select Path="System"> 
         *[EventData[Data[@Name='param1'] and (Data='Lucid')]] 
         *[EventData[Data[@Name='param2'] and (Data='running')]] 

Under advanced settings make sure you delay the task by 30 seconds and repeat it several times to give the LucidLink service some time bring up the Filespace mount point. Normally it should come up very quickly.


Now you have ensured that the LucidLink share you created comes back every time your system reboots. For any questions about this, or any other topic feel free to reach out to our support team.


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