LucidLink OS Client Fails to Start

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The client is trying to start REST interface locally on client's machine on socket
In case this port is already used, service fails with error log message:
2018-08-31 | 10:15:22.460Z | E | RestfulService | bind or listen failed! Details: Net Exception, endpoint:

To locate OS client logs, please consult FAQ Collecting LucidLink Client Logs



  1.  Close LucidLink OS client
  2.  Change LucidLink daemon port - Edit %userprofile%/.lucid/app.json on Windows or Linux/macOS ~/.lucid/app.json and change "restEndpoint": "" *
  3.  Restart LucidLink OS client


"restEndpoint": "",
"stayConnected": false

* begin by changing 7778 to 7779 or retry with 7780 and so on until the LucidLink client works within your environment


Changing the port from 7778 will preclude you from using some Finder / Windows Explorer features, such as "Copy link", "Pin" and "Unpin".
Lucid CLI commands may also return "No Message Received" or "Lucid is not responding" when attempting to interact with Lucid running on a non-default REST endpoint. In this case, you can specify the rest endpoint (or instance ID) in the CLI to properly communicate. Port 7778 equates to Instance 0 and it increments from there, so Port 7799 would be Instance 21. Please use the lucid help command for more information on specifying an instance ID or REST Endpoint.

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