LucidLink OS Client Fails to Start

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Team LucidLink
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The client is trying to start REST interface localy on client's machine on socket
In case this port is already used, service fails with error log message:
2018-08-31 | 10:15:22.460Z | E | RestfulService | bind or listen failed! Details: Net Exception, endpoint:

To locate OS client logs, please consult FAQ Collecting LucidLink Client Logs



  1.  Close LucidLink OS client
  2.  Change LucidLink daemon port - Edit %userprofile%/.lucid/app.json on Windows or Linux/macOS ~/.lucid/app.json and change "restEndpoint": "" *
  3.  Restart LucidLink OS client


"restEndpoint": "",
"stayConnected": false

* begin by changing 7778 to 7779 or retry with 7780 and so on until the LucidLink client works within your environment


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